About Us

Design is creative, exquisite style is unique

The understated style of Maher & Wells is defined by simplicity and warmth. Minimalism can provide its own elegance, going beyond retro to a timeless sophistication. The result is a taste that’s a statement of individuality, with a dash of charm and quirkiness that makes it all your own. It is these qualities that brought Maher & Wells together and defined our heritage.

The art of home design

Inspired by great home design and defined at heart by an ethos of luxurious minimalism, the Maher & Wells journey began in London but looks to blend urban and country styles suitable for any home. Our ethos is to source and design collections that enhance our way of living, creating a calm and quietly sophisticated feeling, letting you relax and enjoy where you are. 

We believe…

In handmade products, made-to-order or in small batches, but definitely not mass-produced and stored in vast warehouses. Using sustainable solid wood means that each product is unique, with each knot or minor imperfection telling a story and bringing its own beauty and strength.

Collections, shop by style

Coherent design is our starting point. That’s why we’ve focused on displaying collections and combinations that will work together. We aim to be different – shop by style not by product type. Our collections encourage the fusion of different ideas, styles and designs, coming together to create a constantly changing catalogue of home furniture & décor.